Meet Bruce

Bruce Lantelme, MD

Bruce Lantelme, MD, is a physician at Robinhood Integrative Health.  Dr. Lantelme graduated from Wake Forest University School of Medicine. His experience includes more than forty years of expertise in medicine including family practice medicine in the US Navy and obstetrics and family practice after leaving the Navy. He founded Robinhood Integrative Health with Dr. Wiggy Saunders.

Dr. Lantelme has a different perception of medicine. In traditional medicine, symptoms are treated. In traditional medicine, a diagnosis is made and a drug is prescribed. What isn’t being asked with the right frequency in traditional medicine, “How did the patient get to this point?”

I’m sure many physicians ask themselves these questions in passing, but collectively, most are shrugging their shoulders and writing a prescription as they move on to the next patient. Practicing medicine in this manner is largely responsible for skyrocketing chronic conditions. Much of modern-day healthcare expense is maintaining chronic illnesses and not reversing the causes or preventing them in the first place.

At Robinhood Integrative Health, we ask, “how did the patient get to this point?” and we set about solving the mystery.   We realize that all systems in the body are interrelated and every person has a unique physiology.   We enjoy hearing, “I haven’t felt this good in ten years”. We have developed an expertise in supplements, vitamins, herbs, hormones, energy medicine, IV infusions, peptides, and regenerative methods to aid someone in getting their health back and then maintaining their good health.


A doctor of integrative medicine is a physician who practices functional and holistic medicine. Doctors of integrative medicine believe in a whole person or systems approach to managing chronic ailments and preventing illnesses.  Their main focus is on addressing the underlying root cause of disease instead of just covering up symptoms.  

Additionally, they believe patients ought to be educated about their conditions and have a better comprehension of their treatment plans and the motive governing the treatment plan. This is why longer (half an hour) office visits with our doctors are routine at Robinhood Integrative Health (RIH).

We have a great, well-trained team of healthcare providers that will do their best so you can experience health as it ought to be. 

Honestly, not much.  Functional and integrative medicine can pretty much be used interchangeably.  

They both strive to treat an individual as a whole and concentrate on developing personalized treatments tailored to treat and cure underlying causes of disease.  They also attempt to restore people to an optimal state of wellness not just an absence of disease.

Our providers have training in both Integrative and Functional Medicine and continue to learn.  Our providers pursue ongoing medical education about various topics including hormones, thyroid dysfunction, anti-aging, chronic infections, Lyme disease, mold toxicity, and IV therapies.  We strive to get better and more comprehensive every year.

We see patients as partners and work closely with you to ensure you’re receiving the treatments you need. 

Our team of integrative health coaches can help with dietary and lifestyle changes to address specific concerns.  They work closely with the doctors/NPs to make sure the patients are able to acheive their health goals.