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Comprehensive Wellness, Chronic and Acute Care for Children

Families are the backbone of society. Children are the future.  Parents know their children best and are given the incredible gift and responsibility of raising them.

We are so excited to be your trusted resource and advocate for your child’s optimal health and well being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

At RIH, we seek to listen and adapt to the needs of our community and patients as they arise.  One message we hear quite often is that traditional pediatrics is not serving families who are seeking to raise their children with wellness as a primary focus.


Experience the RIH Difference

Our Wellness Visits:






What is Wellness Care?

Other Wellness Visits:






Experience the RIH Difference

Our Wellness Visits:







Our new patient visits are 40 minutes and allow us to better get to know your child and family.  Our follow up visits are 30 minutes and acute care visits are 20 minutes.  We believe that it truly takes time to better understand and get to know our patients and their families and we are dedicated to providing excellent care.

Chronic Childhood Conditions

At RIH, we treat the whole child using an integrative full child approach for chronic conditions like autism, ADHD, allergies, eczema, food sensitivities, abdominal pain, chronic fatigue, GERD, IBS, MTHFR, asthma, anxiety, mood disorders, chronic infections, PANS/PANDAS, mold exposure, autoimmune illnesses and sleep disturbances.

Proactive Care

As a general guideline, we recommend wellness visits for newborns, then ages 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 24 months, 30 months and then yearly. 

As a part of our wellness approach, we will periodically recommend diagnostic tools like hair tissue analysis, nutrient testing, hormone/thyroid testing, yeast testing, IgG food sensitivity testing, MTHFR testing, inflammation markers, allergy testing, candida testing and more. 

We will consider other standard and specialized labs depending on the child’s symptoms, history, and heredity. 

Acute Care

Our established RIH pediatrics families will have access to a comprehensive acute illness guide and tool kit that will offer help managing sickness at home from an integrative perspective to help parents feel confident when common childhood sickness strikes.  We will also offer limited acute visits for those children who need to be seen in the office for further testing and treatment. Please note that we do not offer after hours or weekend hours or on-call services.


Your RIH Pediatric Team

Dr. Nicole Craven, MD

Caroline Jones, PA

Our Mission and Our Why

Over the past three years as corporate medicine has continued to take over, parents feel that they no longer have a voice in their children’s care.  Pediatric practices are dismissing families that do not comply with black and white protocols; protocols that do not always take each child’s current state of health into account and are often dictated by corporate policy rather than provider expertise. Our fragmented medical system prevents providers from digging below the surface when children are struggling, and often favors the use of prescriptions or specialist referrals over a more comprehensive approach.

You have a voice with us because we are listening. We encourage questions. We encourage open communication. Together, we strive to make the best long term plan of health for your entire family. 

Our pediatric team, Dr. Nicole Craven and Caroline Jones, PA, reflects our strategy that parents know their children best and wellness for kids is not as simple as a routine child check-up.   Our goal, as a wellness team, is to address many key aspects of prevention, educate and empower parents, and help each child thrive in and out of our office.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Robinhood Integrative Health Pediatrics sees patients from newborn to 21 years of age.  Some younger adults may choose to see our providers that serve adults.

We do accept many insurances for our patient visits.  Please reference our insurance FAQ here.

For those without an insurance plan we accept in office, we do offer cash pricing as follows:  

  • New patient visit- $280- 40 Minutes
  • Follow Up Visit- Wellness or Chronic Condition- $180- 30 Minutes
  • Follow Up Visit- Acute Condition- $140- 20 Minutes

*Please note that our visit fees do not include additional testing that might be suggested by your provider.

No. We are now a comprehensive pediatrics practice.

Yes! In addition to medical specialists, we hope to help you with other referrals like chiropractors, speech therapists, lactation consultants and more

We do not offer any after hours care or on-call services.  For simple acute needs a telehealth service like TeleDoc should suffice.  If any urgent needs or emergencies occur after hours, please visit your preferred Urgent Care or Brenner Children’s Hospital. We will make every effort to see your child in office as soon as possible for acute issues during office hours. 

  • Expecting parents please visit the pediatrics new patient screening form here.
  • When directed to choose a date for your appointment, please choose your due date
  •  When filling out the form, please use the following details:
    •   First Name: Baby Boy/Girl or just Baby
    •   Last Name: Baby’s last name
    •   DOB: Expected Due Date
    •   Address
    •   Insurance information
    •   Preferred Pharmacy
    •   Family History 
  • Our new patient coordinator will set your appointment on or near the due date
  • Parents will be responsible for calling us once the baby is born to be scheduled to be seen within 3 business days.
  • Please add Robinhood Integrative Health Pediatrics as your PCP while in the hospital and request that your discharge summary be faxed to us at (336) 967-8622.  For home births, please bring a copy of your providers after birth summary. 

Don’t see your question? Visit our general practice FAQ page for more answers or give us a call!

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