There is a lot of information on weight loss on the internet. Most of them don’t work because they are generalized rules of dos and don’ts. Now, those serious about losing weight will look at various solutions and will ensure to get to their desired objectives.

But when it comes to losing weight, one may find that the trouble is keeping the weight off and living a healthy lifestyle.

Most people who have seen comprehensive progress with their weight loss program will employ integrative medicine. That is what this simple guide is about: weight loss management through integrative medicine.

Before we move forward, it is necessary to understand what this type of medicine is all about

Integrative medicine is an approach that sees a person as a whole being. It looks at a person’s psychological, social, and physical aspects and then tailors a program to help that person meet their specific needs.

Other weight-loss programs fail; successful weight loss through integrative medicine and functional medicine can help you lose those extra pounds and improve your quality of life.

Why Weight Loss Through Integrative Medicine?

Weight gain is not a ‘disease.’ Unmanaged weight gain is. The goal is to keep your weight close to its ideal.

Most weight-loss efforts focus solely on the physical aspect: diet and exercise. These are essential elements to any weight-loss program, but they are not comprehensive. This is why many people begin these programs but cannot follow through. Other aspects need to be considered.

Integrative medicine considers all aspects. 

When most programs ask ‘what?’, integrative medicine asks ‘what?’ and ‘why?’.

These questions will deal with the symptoms and solve the underlying problems and patterns that caused the excess weight gain.

3 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss Management Through Integrative Medicine 

You should sign up with a clinic like Robinhood Integrative Health, which employs integrative medicine to get the most out of this method. There, a medical professional will assess you and develop a plan for sustainable weight loss.

It is here that the professional will analyze your health goals, habits, and medical history and prescribe a suitable weight management program. This may include thyroid optimization, hormone balancing, blood sugar control, and even certain prescriptions.

In the meantime, here are three tips for healthy weight loss management through integrative medicine. These will help you get started in the right direction.

Begin with purpose and positivity

You need to begin your weight management program with purpose. It is not enough to say you want to lose weight. You need to know how much weight you want to lose and why. Your answers will help you and your doctor develop a program that aligns with your goals and lifestyle.

You need to define your goals positively. Do not turn food or weight gain into the enemy. Sometimes, the media and our social environment shame us into eating less. This approach rarely works.

Instead, feed yourself with positivity. ‘I love being responsible for my body’ is better than ‘I want to be attractive.’ The first one uses positive reinforcement to put yourself in charge. The second uses negative reinforcement by indirectly saying you are ugly and unattractive.

To focus on your goals and instill positivity, you might want to take up meditation. Mediation can help you become aware of emotions and perceptions you never knew you had. They can help you deal with issues that cause binge eating. Some people overeat when they are stressed or dealing with problematic emotions.

Sometimes, meditation can reveal behavioral problems that you cannot solve independently. In cases like that, your doctor might recommend psychotherapy. Cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) helps people modify their eating behavior. They will learn to replace problematic eating patterns with healthy eating behaviors. It can also help you develop a healthy self-image that can motivate you to lose weight.

You can track all of these by keeping a journal. Journaling helps you stay aware of the process and keep an eye on the goal. You can also use it to visualize yourself with less weight. Thinking and writing about weight loss can’t reduce your weight on its own. However, it can make it easier to focus on the goal.

If you are looking at weight control, it is necessary to think about nutrition counseling, fat storage, healthy food, energy balance, environmental factors, and more.

Our professionals at Robinhood Integrative Health can talk to you about adrenal fatigue, physical activity, cardiovascular disease, processed foods, fatty liver, and its relation to your health.

Follow a diet plan designed for you

A large factor of weight gain is the quality and quantity of food you eat. That is why you need to watch what you eat. In many cases, it helps to get professional help. A professional at Robinhood Integrative Health can recommend a diet plan for you to follow based on your lifestyle, environment, and health goals.

You must have a diet plan that works well for you. For instance, cutting off your favorite foods often backfires. The same applies to foods that everyone in your social circle eats.

Sometimes, you must take extreme steps. But in most cases, simple adjustments to the type of food you eat and serving portions often do the trick.

This is where integrative medicine shines. Unfortunately, most diet plans simply tell you what you want to eat and what not to eat. This takes the fun out of eating and can induce stress.

Integrative medicine looks at your diet, lifestyle, and social environment before making recommendations. The result is a healthy diet that feels natural and is easy to follow.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle can speed up weight loss or slow it. For instance, a sedentary lifestyle can cause weight gain and even increase your health risks. A professional can help recommend lifestyle changes that will help you lose weight.

One lifestyle habit that all doctors recommend is exercise. The type of exercise you should do depends on your current fitness level, schedule, and experience. When done right, you will not just lose weight. You will experience more energy and vitality. It can also boost your mood. For best results, get exercise recommendations tailored to your needs and level.

Another habit is to stop worrying and practice gratitude. Instead of fretting over things you cannot control, be grateful for the things you have.

Worrying can induce stress. Stress can cause weight gain and put you at risk of hypertension. Journaling, exercise, and outdoor hobbies can help in this regard.

You should also pay attention to your sleeping habits. Most people need at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Some need about 10 hours. Getting enough rest will reduce your cortisol levels, improve your mood, and boost your body’s metabolism.

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