About Dr. Lantelme


I’m Dr. Bruce Lantelme.

As you’re looking through the site I’d like to a take a moment to introduce myself, and provide some insight into my love of  medicine.

I’ve been practicing medicine for 28 years.

It’s an incredible feeling living out a childhood dream and being passionate about my work.  My purpose in life has been imprinted on my heart  to assist others in living more radiant and abundant lives. I’ve known that medicine was my calling since I was 5 years old. My desire is to take the best answers to our current health problems, and help others through breakthrough and amazingly productive forms of medicine.

I’m not new to the area. North Carolina ( particularly Winston-Salem) has a special place in my heart.  Even though my career has taken me all over the world…  from the scorching hot deserts of Yuma, Arizona to the deep Congo of Zaire, I’ve called Winston-Salem home since 1996.

I attended Davidson College for my undergraduate and  graduated from Wake Forest School of Medicine in 1983. I married a wonderful woman from Kernersville in 1980, and both of my sons graduated from high school here.

Now I find myself with a wonderful opportunity to be able to serve the residents of the Triad in a new and exciting way.

Robinhood Integrative Health formed out of a need to be able to practice  innovative  techniques that aren’t offered by larger practices. We are the only office in the area to offer several new, and exclusive  forms of treatment and prevention. The aim is to have every single person who enters my office grow healthier, and enjoy life more.

I’m not your typical physician

I’m here to serve you and no one else.

What I mean, is my approach to health and wellness is not like that of many other physicians.  I’m not the type of doctor who breezes in the room, takes a brief glance at the chart and has already made up my mind on a course of treatment without truly taking the time to figure out what is going on.

Instead, I get past the symptoms, and determine what is causing them. Too many practitioners are content to treat symptoms, and ignore what caused them to appear in the first place.

For me, wellness is more than filling out a prescription and setting up a return appointment.  Wellness has everything to do with assessing what could be causing health issues, screening in advance for future problems, and providing appropriate guidelines on supplementation and nutrition to assist any treatment course that has been prescribed.

Medicine changes a lot, and it changes every day.  Many doctors approach their patients’ sickness with pre-conceived algorithms.  My goal at RIH is to do away with those.   What you will find here at RIH is … YOUR health front and center.  Our main goal is to help make your life better!

Our website is full of wonderful information that will help you make an informed choice when choosing a physician.

I am here for only one reason:  To help YOU reach optimal health.


**Dr. Lantelme is NOT accepting new patients at this time.**