New Patients

Welcome to Robinhood Integrative Health!

We are located at 3288 Robinhood Road, Suite 202, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106.

 To schedule an appointment at Robinhood Integrative Health (RIH), CALL (336) 768-3335


New Patients  please read the following  carefully:

Insurance Coverage

Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield (EXCEPT BLUE VALUE), Medcost,  and Wellpath, Cigna :  RIH accepts all of these insurance providers.

United Health Care (UHC), Tricare Standard and Reserve: RIH is out of network with UHC, these Tricare types.  If you have UHC or one these two Tricare, full payment will need to be made at the time of your appointment, and we will provide you with the necessary paperwork to submit for reimbursement.

Medicare and Medicaid, Obamacare,  Tricare Prime  and Tricare Prime Remote:  We are not participating with Medicare and Medicaid, and these Tricare types. If you have Medicare or Medicaid,   or these tricare types, you would need to pay cash in full for the services received at the time of your appointment after signing a private contract with us.  Reimbursement is not available by law. This also means prescriptions cannot be reimbursed by  Medicare/medicaid,  Obamacare  or the above tricare types.

All other insurances not named, we are out of network.  Payment at time of service will be expected.

If you have a policy that has a very high deductible, you may want to consider paying cash for your labs to save yourself a great deal of money.

For instance  a common list of labs drawn if not covered by your insurance  ( because of your deductible) would run around $2200 but if you paid our cash prices it would cost you around  $240-260. This is a significant savings.  We also use some specialty labs that would never be covered  by insurance but those prices are  reasonable for the answers we get from them. You should check with your insurance provider before your visit  to see if, despite your deductible, labs are covered.  Remember, to prevent heartache, this is YOUR insurance  and each policy is different.  Avoid being surprised.


Ultimate Patient Care

RIH provides the ultimate doctor-patient relationship … the one you have always searched for!   To schedule an appointment call (336) 768 3335.

If you would like to experience a different way of getting  and staying well, make an appointment  and complete  the Intake Form (see below).  This form makes it possible for us to provide extensive, comprehensive care, and allows you to share your expectations of care with us.

Note:  When you come for your appointment, bring a list of current medications, and copies of any lab reports you feel are important.

We have a ROBUST patient Portal. It is the way we communicate with patients.  We feel having communications  in writing is much less susceptible  to misinterpretation.  It also is a way to document fully in the chart for future reference.  We see the portal as so integral to your health care. All patients are required to join the portal.  The portal cost  is $60 a year, which comes out to only $5 a month.  We feel you will get great value from the portal. We continue to enhance its value constantly.  We have used it to inform patients of items  that may be of interest to everyone on the portal.  We will often announce sales in our store through the portal. We of course send your lab results with interpretation through the portal.  We have used the portal to  announce severe weather closings. We use the portal to answer questions   you may have. We have used the portal to  expose new health threats. You have a library in the portal that you are to free to upload any health data you would like and we will put your test results in the library for your anytime reference.

It is rare to have an Integrative Practice participate  in insurance.  We have surveyed practices similar to ours all over the nation and most are not accepting insurance of any kind.  We limit our patient volume to 12 or 13 a day so that we can spend plenty of time  with each patient.  The portal is an extension of that quality time.  We would like  to continue with insurance  so the portal is fee based unlike most other  electronic medical  record systems  that have “free ” portals.  A local institution recently spent $100 million on the electronic medical record  including the portal.  So, no matter how you look at it, it is not free.  We are just up front with the cost.

Also we have an onsite Store which is reserved only for patients. The products in our store are part of optimizing your health. We know the quality of the products which include supplements,  herbs, essential oils,  better than organic local food and many other health enhancing items. YOu will find our prices tend to be better  than local health food stores. The clinicians  continue to develop more and more expertise  in the use of each of these products.

Experience Health As It Ought to Be!

Call (336) 768-3335 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bose Ravenel (Pediatrics), Maureen Lamont, NP and Kelly Carpenter, NP

Dr Ravenel’s Consultative  integrative Pediatric practice is open for pediatric patients.

Dr Ravenel is a real gem, quite wise. He is not participating in any insurance, nor can any of his services be filed for reimbursement. His fee is $300 an hour.  Most lab tests can be filed with insurance, but there are some that are specialty labs.  DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED  by this. Dr Ravenel  will save your child going through a maze of specialists who might just shrug their shoulders at the end of the extensive and time consuming work up and say,  “I don’t know what is going on”. Dr Ravenel is tenacious about getting to the underlying imbalances or deficiencies, so that your child can have a normal, happy, optimal life. We see it all the time with his patients. So what seems expensive, will be worth every penny, when you get your child back.

After calling our office & scheduling your appointment be sure to fill out your patient intake form.

Our intake form is pretty comprehensive and literally takes 30 minutes to fill out. It is best to not procrastinate, so please fill it out NOW, since we sometimes have a cancellation and can move people to an earlier appointment. You can bring labs with you for us to copy to your chart.

NEW PATIENT INTAKE FORM 3-21-16 This form is so important to optimal care  for you that if it is not filled out by your appointment time  we will ask you to reschedule. We have such a demand for our services that it may be another 2-3 months before you can  obtain another appointment so make sure your intake form is completed and printed before you arrive for your appointment.

Also, if you are late for your appointment time by more than 15 minutes  we will ask you to reschedule.

You must complete and print the form and arrive to your first appointment 30 minutes early. If you are unable to print the form, please arrive 45 minutes early to complete this in our office. Again, this form is lengthy and should not be rushed.

Download this form below to your word processor. You can quickly TAB through it and click on boxes as you go.  On it you will also be able to list your expectations of us and see a little of our philosophy of  Health As It Should Be.  There is even room for lengthy narratives if you feel those will be helpful.  You can fill out the privacy information/permissions. NEW PATIENT INTAKE FORM 3-21-16

Here is an a helpful hormonal survey. You may download this to your computer and print it out and bring it with you to your appointment. Hormone Quiz

Per our office policy

There will be a $37 fee  for missed appointment’s and cancellation’s for existing patients (if appointment is cancelled with less than a 24 business hour notice).

There will be a $77 fee for missed appointments for NEW PATIENTS, please call 24 business hours in advance to cancel or reschedule or you will be charged this fee.

We appreciate your consideration in giving us prompt notice of any cancellation.

There is a $7.50 Form Fee.

There is a $36 Return Check Fee.

We do require to keep a credit or debit card on file with us, any balance that is owed after 90 days of service will automatically be charged to this card. This is our office policy!!

And finally, we look forward  to taking care of you and exposing you to HEALTH AS IT OUGHT TO BE, but if you have  a problem do not take it out on the hardworking staff  upfront, bring it to the attention of your provider. Dr Lantelme owns the practice and makes the rules. The staff  up front and on the phones  are only doing as I have asked.  Bruce Lantelme MD